Collapsing Energy Grid Created By Crypto Vampires Spurs Crackdown On Mining Rigs In Kosovo

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Crypto Mining Rigs Seized in Raid


The huge consumpsion of energy resources caused by cryptocurrency mining, especially of Bitcoin, has put a bullseye on the industry for environmentalists keeping an eye on climate change factors. And certain nations are suffering the consequences of vampiric mining operations moreso than others. Kosovo is one such international hotspot dealing with a severe energy crisis on a nationwide level due to unregulated crypto activity.

The government of Kosovo has initiated crackdowns on crypto mining in a bid to tackle the electricity shortage. Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin fell 0.47 per cent, while Ethereum was down 0.35 per cent in the last 24 hours.

To tackle the electricity shortage issue; Kosovo, a partially recognised state in Southeast Europe has started a crackdown on crypto mining. In recent action, Kosovo Police have seized a total of 300 crypto mining machines during the raid in the regions of Leposavic and Prishtina after Kosovo imposed a blanket ban on crypto mining on January 5, according to various media reports.


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