Eco-Friendly Crypto $Clear Lauches New Charity Token March 2022

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EcoVestIt is vested in researching new opportunities for conscious investors to put their dollars to work in beneficial ways that have positive environmental and social impact. Companies like $Clear may be worth the attention.

$CLEAR is building an environmentally friendly canned-water business while donating towards clean drinking water solutions in developing nations.

Clear Water does not present itself as a standard cryptocurrency. Their goals are long-term and continual.

Their Well-Developed Plans Include:

  • Launching and maintaining a stable cryptocurrency
  • Launching an environmentally friendly water firm internationally
  • Donating to charities whose goals are to clean up our oceans and provide clean drinking water where there is none available
  • Educating the masses on what it takes to save tomorrow

With the world in desperate need of clean water, the company has devised a strategy to turn Clear Water into a true game-changer, a completely new, virtuous model for reduced pollution and steady growth.

The founders are well-educated professionals with experience that includes starting, running and selling several multi-million dollar businesses.

Blockchain technology has the potential to profoundly alter how natural resources and trash are valued. Furthermore, it may make it easier to motivate individuals, businesses and governments to unlock financial value from items that are now considered non-valuable, which could lead to broad behaviorial changes and contribute to the creation of a fully circular economy. Clear Water’s blockchain-based cryptocurrency aims to provide greater value to those in need.

Their Current Tokenomics Include:

  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • 50% burned prior to launch
  • 4% LP
  • 2% Holders
  • 2% Charity and Business
  • 2% Developers

The company has already donated $10k to charity only 4 days after its launch.

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